Royal Green not only offers its residents beautiful dwellings in a secure environment but also community lifestyle at its best. Here, it’s all up to them to partake in a lively social life out of home by day or on evenings in a relaxed and convivial ambience, find motivation to keep fit in group physical activities, create new ties with neighbours and friendships with co-residents; share special moments and experiences together outside the estate.
Royal Green fully-serviced retirement residential estate provides a wide range of first-class amenities facilities and activities on-site and off-site, making Royal Green a truly entertaining and carefree community since daily house chores obligations, home maintenance hassles, preparation of meals, organisation of social, leisure and wellness activities and organised exterior outings are all provided for.
Royal Green provides daily housekeeping and weekly laundry services; delicious dining at its on-site restaurant, a clubhouse and state-of-the-art wellness centre with a heated swimming pool and spa, a putting green, shuttle services for planned excursions. Every person can, at will and light-heartedly, engage in cherished routines and personal interests as well as engage with others.

  • State of the art club house
  • On-site activity coordinator
  • Activity room
  • Spa & Gym
  • Themed garden
  • On-site restaurant
  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Putting green
  • Jogging & cycling track

on site


Delightful dining
Royal Green catering facilities and spacious, comfortable dining room allow its residents to enjoy restaurant-style, on-site dining - on a half-board or full-board meal plan.Meals are designed by Royal Green Chef, as per our consulting nutritionist’s recommendations; they are carefully prepared by a professional team and served in a buffet style that is also appetising for the eyes. Should residents wish to share a meal with family or friends, Royal Green restaurant is open to their visitors, upon due reservation and settlement of guest seats and meals. From breakfast, through lunch to dinner, Royal Green restaurant proposes delicious cosmopolitan menus that vary daily, with consideration to most common religious and medical dietary restrictions. Residents are offered a large choice that can suit individual profiles and personal tastes and the restaurant’s pleasant surrounding make delicious Royal Green dining delightful too.



Feeling connected

The clubhouse is the social rendezvous of the Royal Green community and one that is key to fostering the feeling of connection and belonging residents experience here. The place is therefore never short of interesting activities, events and interesting companions with whom to share these.
Here, there is no chance one could ever feel lonesome.Whether to enjoy a hot drink with or a refreshment with neighbours after a walk around the gardens, to spend an entertaining moment with people sharing common interests and hobbies, or to make new acquaintances over friendly and fun-filled after-dinner games … At Royal Green Clubhouse, there is always something for someone – social life is very active here and free Wi-Fi permanently available for digital connectivity.The attentive but unobtrusive staff of the Clubhouse see to it that anyone who enters the place feels welcome and soon feels at ease - whether they wish to enjoy a moment on their own or would like to join a group.
The Clubhouse includes a widescreen TV for movie or sports events nights, a lounge, bar, library, games room and an entertainment area for casual or dressed-up events. It’s all within hand’s reach and all under one roof. That is how Royal Green significantly and positively changes the lifestyle of its residents from a feeling seclusion or exclusion to one of inclusion – because Royal Green is the place where they reconnect with the joy of living each day as one full of possibilities. It’s like regaining full ownership over one’s life.

Wellness Centre

Holistic wellbeing


The promotion of fulfilling aging, supported by the assurance of health-security, is central to the Royal Green promise of an enjoyable lifestyle to its residents. Our full-fledged and state-of-the art senior-friendly Wellness Centre includes a gym, heated pool, spa and space for yoga classes. Our coaches are trained to advise on and assist with tailored fitness regimes to help each person to keep in good physical shape or reach the fitness goals they wish to set themselves.The luxurious spa offers an eclectic menu of massages and quality cosmetic treatments that are delivered by a team of knowledgeable therapists. Holistic well-being as a source of happiness is Royal Green’s objective for all its residents.



Peace of mind
Reliable physical and health security of persons; material security of residences and belongings, constitute one of Royal Green’s cornerstones. Upon it rests the peace of mind of all residents and their families. The complete perimeter of the property is either walled or fenced and the whole area regularly checked by surveillance patrols; access to the estate is controlled through the central entrance gate manned 24h/7. All independent and assisted living units are equipped with emergency call buttons that are monitored 24h/7. First response to medical emergencies is immediate from the estate’s reactive on-site nursing department. The staff initiates rapidly any care that can be delivered on the spot, organises rapid transfer to Royal Green Health Care Centre or to the next-door private hospital, if so required.


Housekeeping & Maintenance


Service excellence
Through the integration of a comprehensive set of services and the delivery of service excellence, Royal Green ensures the peace of mind of its residents and their families too. Our well-trained housekeeping ensure that dwellings and common areas are kept spick and span daily; laundry is taken care of on a weekly basis for independent living residents and daily for assisted living residents; routine maintenance checks and repairs are carried out regularly and ad-hoc requirements treated with diligence.  The landscaped gardens are tended and manicured by an experienced team which prides itself in the luxuriant beauty of Royal Green’s exteriors and the idyllic natural haven it offers residents.




On the move
At Royal Green, the world is neither limited to the home’s confines not to the estate’s boundaries – we offer complimentary scheduled transport and organised day outings for our residents, whether for shopping at nearby commercial complexes or outdoor excursions farther off.

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